Hear what they’re saying about Feminists for Life’s dynamic pro-woman, pro-life Speakers:

“I heard Serrin Foster twice during my tenure as Director of Campus Ministry at Loyola University MD, and I thought she was the most dynamic and persuasive pro-life speaker I had ever heard.”
—The Rev. Daniel M. Ruff, S.J., Loyola College, Baltimore, MD (2001 & 2005)

FFL President Serrin M. Foster, “Inspiring Women: Celebrating Their Legacy” — Seneca Falls, NY, September 26, 2020

“Serrin, it indeed was a marvelous talk. You get double A+ (Absolutely Awesome)! Trust me. It was well-received. Doing virtual Zoom events to a room means you can’t capture the smiles and nods from the audience. On behalf of Susan and Elizabeth and Matilda and Pauline and Sojourner and Mary and Sara and Amelia…and all the good women of Seneca Falls, we are grateful.”
—Carol Crossed, owner of the Susan B. Anthony Birthplace Museum

“I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for delivering a most remarkable keynote address at our event on Saturday. Your words and delivery were inspiring, informative, and insightful. I cannot think of a better person or speech to have commemorated 100 years of women’s suffrage, especially during these trying times. You propel the pro-life feminist movement forward, Serrin. We are so grateful.”
—Michele Sterlace-Accorsi, Executive Director, Feminists Choosing Life of New York

“Your speech was riveting, inspiring, and educational for me…. I was glued to your presentation. Thank you so much for inspiring young women like me to further my role in the pro-life movement. You truly motivated me with your speech, your work, and your role as a pro-life woman. I hope to do half the work you have done for the movement!”
—Carrie Perham, Executive Assistant to FCLNY President Carol Crossed

FFL President Serrin M. Foster, “The Feminist Case Against Abortion”:

Serrin’s landmark speech has been recognized as one of the “Great Speeches in History” in an anthology called Women’s Rights. “We all found the lecture to be extremely insightful and encouraging,” one student leader reported following Serrin’s talk. “Inviting an FFL Speaker would be one of the best decisions they make for their group. Everyone who attends the event will learn a lot from the speaker.”

Read what others have had to say about Serrin’s landmark speech!

“Serrin truly knows her history (history most people don’t!) and expresses it beautifully. She is also able to handle the hardest questions/situations with grace and compassion. FFL Speakers are wonderful at attracting different groups who normally wouldn’t attend a pro-life event. Having a bipartisan, secular presence at Providence College is crucial to reaching ALL students at Providence College. FFL Speakers are also experts at what they do.”
—Grace Berning, Providence College, Providence, RI (March 2021, virtual presentation)

“It was wonderful to hear from Ms. Foster and her perspective and experience. I feel that the message of the original feminist movement hit hard and reminded us to take action. Ms. Foster touched on so many aspects of the pro-life movement. It was packed with so much history as well as life experience that helped the students connect to the need to act. We were aware of FFL but now have such an awareness of the work being done. Also, the Women Deserve Better campaign is something many are excited about. I would definitely recommend FFL speakers to other campuses. Everyone was so lovely to work with.”
—Samantha Santay, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, IL (October 2020, virtual presentation)

“Serrin’s presentation was engaging and inspirational! Such a history lesson. We were particularly touched by her heartfelt, real-life testimony of her personal interactions with other women who were suffering abortion-related grief or conflict. What a powerful evening that left a strong impression on us both!”
—Steve & Betsy Wittman, Dayton Right to Life, Dayton, OH (March 2020)

From the moment she walked through the auditorium doors, Foster immediately commanded the attention of all and presented herself as a warm, friendly person. She smiled and kindly greeted the first person she saw as she bustled into the room. Foster asked her what her name was, shook her hand, and proceeded to greet every person in the room and thanked them for being there. She then went around and asked why everyone decided to come to her talk tonight and showed genuinely interested in what each person had to say. This first impression Foster gave to the audience set the tone for the rest of the night...

“Foster’s talk differed from a typical pro-life talk because she pointed out the failing of the community to provide resources and support for women with unplanned pregnancies. This point is something that both pro choice and pro life supporters can both agree on and where they can come together to find solutions.”
—Theresa Whitfield, Catholic University of America, Washington D.C. (March 2019)

“The lecture was awesome! Serrin did a great job of connecting with students, regardless of their views. Students who disagree with the pro-life message still enjoyed hearing about the origins of the feminist movement and expressed their excitement at the common ground they realized they have with the pro-life movement…. Serrin also reawakened passion for the pro-life cause in our group and provided a new perspective on the pro-life movement by focusing on the mother and her needs.”
—Rebecca Boak, College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA (March 2019)

“Serrin’s lecture was the biggest turnout for an event our club has sponsored. I loved how friendly Serrin was with students before and after the lecture. Serrin is a dynamic speaker and makes a compelling argument.”
—Maddie Davin, Wheeling Jesuit University, Wheeling, WV (November 2017; it was their largest event ever!)

Serrin Foster at George Mason University

“The lecture was an excellent opportunity for our students to hear a pro-life argument not based on religious principles, and therefore easier to present to non-religious students on campus…. [We most liked] her sincerity and passion, her ability to show clearly the real meaning of feminism, and her conviction balanced with compassion.”
—John More, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA (October 2017)

“Serrin’s talk is great for a feminist crowd and will definitely open conversation on your campus!”
—Cassidy Roderick, Franciscan University at Steubenville, OH (November 2017)

“FFL moves the discussion from generalities to specific, very human contexts. Linking the life movement to the civil rights saga was brilliant and informative. I would recommend her as a speaker to leaders at other venues without hesitation.”
—Father Randolph Geminder, Saint Mary’s Church, Amityville, NY (October 2017)

“The event was such a success! Your speech was stirring, and engaging, and was the absolute highlight of the event…. We are getting feedback from attendees about how much they loved your speech, and also how it was helpful for them practically. Thank you!!”
Ifeoma Anunkor, One Spring Night, The Human Life Review, New York, NY (June 2017)

“Several people pointed out certain things that shocked them, that they never heard of before, and/or that really stuck with them, such as the pro-life stance of the first feminists and the fact that most women getting abortions already have kids. They were uplifted and inspired to do more!”
—Heather Gardner, Ladies for Life Brunch, Benefit for Central Texas Coalition for Life, Austin, TX (May 2017)

Serrin Foster at Ladies for Life Brunch, Benefit for Central Texas Coalition for Life

“Ms. Foster is really wonderful and interesting and can draw a crowd even on a campus that is not traditionally very actively pro-life. This is a great bridge between feminist groups and the pro-life groups.”
—Katharine Britton, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA (April 2016; it was also their largest event ever!)

“Ms. Foster was very passionate about what she was talking about which made her presentation even more powerful…. I think [her speech] reaches all kinds of people and spreads the message that feminists are pro-life.”
—Emily Hacker, St. Norbert College, De Pere, WI (April 2015, after Gloria Steinem spoke the prior week)

Speaker Joyce McCauley-Benner, “Pregnant by Rape? Victory Over Violence”:
“Victory Over Violence” is Joyce’s personal is story of being raped and discovering she was pregnant while working her way through college and not knowing if the father was her boyfriend or the man who assaulted her. See below for her other speech.

Joyce McCauley-Benner at the 2017 Pro-Life Women’s Conference

“Our experience hosting Joyce was excellent; she was able to teach both pro-life and pro-choice people new perspectives surrounding abortion and sexual abuse. Her personal story was extremely powerful, and her remarks on abortion and abuse of women were incomparable. We believe every campus should host an FFL Speaker; they are a wonderful way to bridge the gap between pro-life and pro-choice students.”
Haley Theis, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA (February 2020)

“Your appearance at the rally achieved what we wanted our followers to know. Our supporters were introduced to the important work and message of Feminists for Life: Women deserve better than abortion, and alleviating her need for an abortion ought to be a priority of pro-lifers. You did more than eloquently deliver the message of Feminists for Life. You exemplify what you advocate.”
—Kent Pruett, Shelby County, Tennessee, Stand for Life Rally (January 2020)

“I valued Joyce’s respect and compassion toward a difficult and controversial topic. I liked her focus on the social justice side of abortion, too. She was able to weave her personal story so that people would understand that she comes from a place of concern and care for other women facing abortion. She rejected abortion in a kind but honest way, while also creating an open space for further dialogue in the audience. Her focus on resources for pregnant students on campuses is something I look forward to working with her more in the future on. Host an FFL Speaker! They are really inspiring and focus on their message of women deserve better! They create less drama and protest on campus, and instead develop an atmosphere of kindness and education of pro-life feminism.”
—Megan Lowrie, Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA (October 2019)

“Our Boots on the Ground [Conference] evaluation was rated with numbers, and Joyce had some of the highest ratings, for sure. She was most people’s favorite. I think it helped to have her kind of talk be the very last talk, because her message is so hopeful.”
—Veronica Arnold Smither, Boots on the Ground Conference, University of Texas at Austin (January 2017)

“Sometimes, it’s hard to be both pro-life and pro-women. I think it was important for people to understand how we can be both.”
—Emily Lambert, St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN (November 2016)

“The lecture helped us solidify our pro-life community here, as well as providing a space for people from all sides of the [abortion] issue to have civil dialogue about it.”
Caroline Priore, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN (September 2016)

Speaker Joyce McCauley-Benner, “Slaves Among Us: Sex Trafficking in the U.S.”: For the past 15-plus years, Joyce has worked as an advocate for vulnerable populations, including sex trafficking victims, domestic violence victims, and low-income families. While working with those populations, she was a case manager, researcher, and legal advocate. Joyce weaves her personal story of pregnancy after rape along with experiences from her advocacy efforts to help audiences understand the powerful connection between the exploitation of women and the exploitation of abortion.

Joyce McCauley-Benner at Texas A&M

“Joyce’s lecture brought awareness of sex trafficking to our attendees, who may not have known much prior to her talk. Her talk received high scores on attendee feedback about the conference.”  —Rachel Bush, Boots on the Ground Conference, Austin, TX (January 2022)

“It was a wonderful presentation. Viewers commented on the value of the information presented. Joyce is honest about her own story and confident in speaking on the difficult topic of sex trafficking.”
Christine Grimmett, Heartbeat International Academy, Virtual Seminar (March 2021)

“I received all positive feedback. People who don’t call themselves ‘pro-life’ were moved by Joyce’s talk and expressed further interest in being pro-life. Many people told me they would watch the lecture online. Joyce (and FFL in general) appeals to people who are not of traditionally religious backgrounds, and who relate to elements of Joyce’s story. Joyce was a powerful speaker. It was clear she knows her stuff and greatly impressed the audience. She also handled questions very well. FFL Speakers are a powerful witness to what it means to be pro-life, without being trapped in a religious or partisan hole. FFL speakers are also knowledgeable, kind, and generous.”
Grace Berning, Summer 2020 FFL Intern & PC for Life President, Providence College, Providence, RI (October 2020)

“The sex trafficking talk was EXCELLENT…. It’s really great to have a feminist speak about respect life issues because it draws both pro-life and pro-choice students in…. I liked most the fact that pro-choice students who attended got to listen to a real feminist who is also pro-life!”
Frances Dijeh, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX (January 2017)

Damian J. Geminder, “Why Men Should Be Feminists for Life!”

“Damian added a much-needed perspective to our panel discussion. His remarks were insightful and informative. Having a man make the case for life from a feminist perspective showed that being pro-woman and pro-life are indeed complementary, not contradictory. I would gladly recommend him for future speaking events.”
—Marc Ang, Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA (November 2019)

Cynthia Wood, “Speak Up & Speak Out About Sexual Harassment: Find Your Assertive Voice”

“Cynthia was flexible and compassionate. Everyone was excited by her varied experiences and expertise. She demonstrates true knowledge and wisdom. Cynthia was an incredibly inspiring speaker and generated discussion in other groups, too (Women’s Study). FFL Speakers are able to integrate multiple areas of concern beautifully. They have generated necessary conversation on campus, especially relating to women’s empowerment and modern feminism.”
—Grace Berning, Providence College, Providence, RI (April 2021, virtual presentation)

“This year, we would love for Cynthia to present from the main stage! Her talk has gotten excellent reviews, and we believe everyone needs to hear it.”
—Pam Whitehead, Pro-Life Women’s Conference, Kenner, LA (July 2019)

Board Chair Kara A. Sorenson, “The Cause for Life is a Feminist Cause!”

“I greatly appreciated your unique view as a feminist who is pro-life. You brought up many great points about how women getting abortions is a result of society caring less about them. You opened my mind to a different view of the topic.”
—Quentin Adolphe, Saint Mary’s Hall (high school), San Antonio, TX (February 2020)

“I had not yet heard of the feminist movements against abortion previous to our encounter; however, after hearing you speak, I would consider myself a feminist as well. Your words are powerful and inspirational; they appeal to most anyone. Thank you for making an impact on the Saint Mary’s Hall community and promoting new ideas. The conversations… provided me with confidence in this generation of leaders and has inspired a stronger sense of advocacy within myself.”
—Matthew Schwendel, Saint Mary’s Hall (high school), San Antonio, TX (February 2020)

“I really liked the connection of feminism to pro-life ideas. As a woman, I feel like I learned practical solutions to live out pro-life advocacy.”
—Anna Schanne, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (Feburary 2020)

“My daughter and I attended your speaking engagement last night, and we very much appreciated your presentation.  We were not able to stay to commend you on your speech and your efforts for Feminists for Life but would like you to know that you were very inspiring, and we hope to share this information with others.”
—Beth Pohlod, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA (Feburary 2020)