Adoption: An Empowering Option

FFL Board Member Jessica O’Connor-Petts became pregnant shortly after graduating from university in 1996 but continued with her plan to move to Washington, D.C. to work in public policy and row competitively. With the loving support of family, friends, and caregivers, she made an adoption plan for her birthson, including four joyful weeks with him after his birth. Ms. O’Connor-Petts later completed an MBA, and works with a management consulting firm in Washington while continuing to row competitively. She also volunteers for a number of organizations that serve birthmothers. Ms. O’Connor-Petts’ birthson, his little sister and parents were part of her wedding in 2003, with her birth son serving as ring-bearer. Ms. O’Connor-Petts is available to speak on a limited basis in the Washington area.

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