How do you handle the rhetoric?

Originally published June 13, 2012

What do you say to a woman considering abortion? What do you say to someone who calls abortion “a choice”?

It’s easy to be snarky, but smug answers don’t help. They don’t change anyone’s mind — or provide real help and hope — and that’s what Feminists for Life is all about.

I invite you to join us on Facebook for our “Pro-Woman Answers to Pro-Choice QuestionsTM.” Let me know on our message board what are the toughest questions for you to answer. Maybe we’ll pick yours to post!

Then be prepared to share a link with family and friends — especially those who have never known a day without legal protection from abortion. (They are likely to also be very surprised to read our “Herstory” posts featuring fun feminist facts!)

Also, attention event organizers: If you — or someone you know — is organizing an event (on campus, pro-life conference or banquet), contact us for speaker info now for next year! (Tours including nearby campuses can reduce rates!)

Finally, we sure could use your help right now. With so many new people hearing about Feminists for Life for the first time, we want to welcome them to our haven for those who have felt all alone in their pro-woman, pro-life philosophy, including those who regret their abortion.

One of my favorite pro-life feminists is Eleanor Kirk. She wrote Susan B. Anthony’s Revolution, “The wheel is a big one, and it needs a push altogether.” Help us push. The more people who join and support our work, the sooner we can end this nightmare.

Because women deserve better,

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Serrin M. Foster