Celebrate Susan B.Anthony’s birthday. Share her legacy: New video!

In celebration of the 201st birthday of Susan B. Anthony, Feminists for Life is proud to release Part 1 of FFL President Serrin M. Foster’s speech, “The Feminist Case Against Abortion.”

Serrin shares our pro-woman, pro-life history, beginning with the first wave feminists. Her landmark speech has been recognized as one of the “Great Speeches in History” in an anthology called Women’s Rights.

Additionally, our calendar has once again begun to fill up with events, both in person and online.

As part of our celebration of Susan B. Anthony Day, and in anticipation of more events to come, we are offering FREE feminist history kits to the first 100 college and high school pro-life groups!

To order yours, or to book any of our pro-woman, pro-life FFL Speakers, please contact us at info@feministsforlife.org. Stay well!

Because women deserve better,

Damian J. Geminder
Director of Public Education & Editor
Feminists for Life of America