You made the news! (Actually, a lot of news…)

marchforlife42Every time you hear “Women Deserve Better,” “Refuse to Choose,” pro-life feminist quotes originally researched and revealed by FFL, and increasingly woman-centered solutions, pat yourself on the back.

You are the ones who believed in Feminists for Life’s pro-woman, pro-life message and solutions and who have invested to get the word out about the need to invest in college outreach, the poor and vulnerable populations. So let me give you the credit you deserve.

Although not new to you or me, Cosmopolitan recognizes the results of our efforts by writing, “the brewing blizzard didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the roughly 10,000 remaining marchers who walked the streets of D.C. declaring “pro-life and pro-women go hand in hand,” a new message from the anti-abortion movement meant to recast opposition to legal abortion as a feminist issue.” 

Our message is being heard more and more — and is being repeated. 

Some of it is good news. Others will make you sigh. Between the two we know we are succeeding but we have so much more to do. March forth!

  • Senator Orrin Hatch concluded his remarks on the Senate floor about the Roe v. Wade anniversary, saying, “The organization Feminists for Life was founded in 1972, before Roe v. Wade sent us into this tailspin.  They have said for years that women deserve better than abortion.  Life, not death, should be our priority.  I hope and pray that more and more of us will be, in large and small ways, each and every day, marching for life.”

    • In advance of the March for Life in Chicago, Feminists for Life’s Women Deserve better message infuriated a group appropriately named “Furie” who support abortion. Because the Chicago Reader chose to include the venomous and foul language of Furie organizers, we are not putting out a link. FFL President Serrin Foster urges readers to remember the pain that has been caused by abortion and that it is often manifested in anger. Please remember to refer women to Project Rachel and Rachel Vineyard.

    • Zoe Romanowsky interviewed Serrin in advance of the Roe anniversary to discuss where we go from here in Aleteia (which is Greek for “truth”) magazine. 

  • • Also in advance of Roe events, Kathryn Jean Lopez echoes conservatives who have embraced our feminist message that “women deserve better” message in “Standing up for Women and their Children” for the Houston News

    landscape-1453741996-screen-shot-2016-01-25-at-120507-pm• [Jewels] Green, who served as editor of The American Feminist magazine for Feminists for Life, told Cosmopolitan magazine in an article titled, “March for Life’s new message: ‘Pro-Life is Pro-Woman.'” that pro-life feminists existed before Roe. V. Wade and have worked to keep the focus on meeting women’s needs!

    Townhall reports, “Impending Blizzard Didn’t Stop Thousands from Marching for Life”…the march is filled with people from across the political spectrum. There are Democrats for Life, Feminists for Life, and …”

    • We warn you about the language of abortion supporters quoted by a pro-life feminist who authored a Vox article. Informed by FFL about our rich history, she expresses her pro-life feminist beliefs in an opinion article, “Why I am a pro-life feminist.” saying, “So not only do I think there’s such a thing as a pro-life feminist, I also believe that to be a pro-life is to be a feminist. To quote the slogan of Feminists for Life, ‘Women deserve better than abortion.”

    FFNVC-Peace-Parade-672x372• Another article in Live Action News supports that opinion piece. “Yes, you can be a feminist and pro-life!” based on FFL’s original research about the early American feminists and an interview with FFL President Serrin Foster about how the feminist movement was hijacked and more.

  • • And in the New Boston Post, “Both sides of the cultural and political debate would do well to ponder the message set forth by Serrin Foster of Feminists for Life, namely, that ‘abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women.’ The lives of women and children are inextricably entwined.”

Our pro-woman call-to-action resonates overseas as well.

•In the Herald Scotland, “Organisations like Feminists for Life, in America, and the much earlier Women for Life, in the UK (not the genuinely reactionary Women for Life International), have argued that current abortion policy underwrites the poor conditions and low status of mothers, especially poor and single mothers, and is a cheap substitute for radical reform. Indeed, poverty and prejudice are often used as arguments for abortion.”