“Yale resolves “Pro-Life is Pro-Woman?” Serrin to argue…

This Tuesday night, FFL President Serrin Foster will make the case in support of a resolution made by the Yale Political Union, “Pro-Life is Pro-Woman.”  After her presentation, students will debate the motion.
Boos and hisses are encouraged during the Parliamentarian style debate. Find details of the event here. Plan to come and support the motion, invite others–and if you can’t make it, follow our tweetfest at @feminists4life with #fosterlife!
Read more feminist history in the making:
Start with Mary Meehan’s article in Human Life Review, “College Student’s Step Up to Help College Mothers,” clearly demonstrates the impact Feminists for Life has made to inspire colleges and other organizations. “Serrin Foster believes that today’s college and university students ‘can transform the world, one campus at a time.” Go to page 45.
Planned Parenthood located across the street from Loyola University Chicago.

And in a special report by the Cardinal Newman Society about the number of abortion clinics near Catholic campuses, (nearly half), one pro-woman, pro-life student leader was sited but too young to know the entire story. After an FFL speaker came toSaint Louis University in 2008 to talk about the lack of pregnancy resources on campus, they started a university endowment for pregnant women and parents. But the students are taking this issue on and building on their predecessors. “The Pregnant and Parenting Student Assistance Committee was started at SLU in 2008. ‘We have a university endowment that lets us offer financial assistance to students who have children or find themselves pregnant.’ Kuhlman explained. “We are also working hard to help SLU become a more parent-friendly environment. There are multiple nursing suites across campus, we partnered with the bookstore to offer free textbook rentals to some parents and we brought a Feminists for Life Pregnancy Resource ForumSM to campus in 2014.” Way to go SFL at SLU!!

It’s great to see the momentum — thanks to courageous students — and to you for supporting them with our vision, our mission, our goals, kits and our other “tools for schools.”