Why she did it — and what we are going to do…

I recently got off the phone with one of our supporters. Like you, she carefully and strategically decides where to give and how much.

She just doubled her gift. And I am so very thankful.

She told me that she loves the way we approach the abortion debate, noting that we are nimble, and we inspire

But why double her gift? 

She explained that it would mean more to an effective organization that does so much on so little — and she is right about that! 

With fewer than the equivalent of three full-time employees, we run year-round education on social media; successfully advocate; travel the country speaking; send out free kits to students; have increased our presence in the media; have an effective outreach to support women in need through WomenDeserveBetter.com; launched our brand-new FFL website; publish a quality, theme-based, evergreen magazine, The American Feminist — and so much more. 

We are also getting kudos from students who have brought us in to effectively reach students. Rather than make things more divisive, our goal is to welcome students who have never known a day without abortion, not to argue and alienate students who support abortion, then dig their heels in! 

Nothing, absolutely nothing changes when you don’t give them a good answer in a loving way. When we say “WOMEN DESERVE BETTER® than abortion,” for most, they understand it in their heart, even if it has been broken by an abortion

And they know we care about them, not only the baby!

FFL speakers reach people with love, nonviolence, feminist history first researched and revealed by FFL historians, and real feminist credentials unmatched in the movement. It makes all the difference. Here is what two student leaders recently said:

“Host an FFL Speaker! They are really inspiring and focus on their message of women deserve better! They create less drama and protest on campus, and instead develop an atmosphere of kindness and education of pro-life feminism,” said Megan Hope Lowrie after Joyce McCauley-Benner shared her story of “Victory Over Violence” at Gonzaga University.

And after a former intern brought me to Boston College to deliver “The Feminist Case Against Abortion”: “At the end of the day, [security] measures weren’t necessary: We didn’t encounter any resistance to the talk and attendance was good. To me, the fact that students who were unsure about their own views on abortion were there made this event a success,” said Annemarie Arnold.

So with your help, we are going to have another banner year, helping get out our rich feminist history in the face of enormous challenges.

Please be sure to give a gift that will be matched to make the maximum impact:

And finally, please look for my President’s Report and appeal from the Chair of our Board in the next week. I send this with heartfelt thanks at this time of year. I know how many of you sacrifice greatly so that we can change hearts and minds — and literally save lives.

I dream of more speakers on more campuses, of adding a part-time advocate on Capitol Hill, and videos to reach more with better. But I can’t do this without your help. So with thanksgiving, I send my gratitude to you in advance for your strategic sacrifice and support.

Because women deserve better,
Serrin M. Foster