Why Pro-Life Feminism Is More Important than Ever Before…

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we invite you to hear FFL President Serrin Foster’s interview with America magazine on SiriusXM after publishing her recent article.

We hope this inspires you to speak out on behalf of the most vulnerable. 

in case you missed it, Human Life Review recently published the most recent version of Serrin’s speech. Let me know if you wish to book Serrin or Speaker Joyce McCauley-Benner (” Victory Over Violence” and “Slaves Among Us: Sex Trafficking in the U.S.”) for your next event.

We invite you to to write a letter to the editor during Women’s History Month and to speak out on social media. Use our feminist foremother quotes, first researched and revealed by FFL after Alice Paul herself told our co-founder, Pat Goltz, that we weren’t the first pro-life feminists! Or perhaps quote from Serrin’s speech above. Send us a link if published, and we may be sharing your insights on FFL’s social media this month. Better yet, let’s do this year-round!

And please remember to include WomenDeserveBetter.com. It’s not enough to remember history; we have to remember the woman and remember the child — and make their lives better now.

Thank you for your visible affirmation and financial support, especially during Women’s History Month.

Because women deserve better,
Damian J. Geminder

Editor and Media Coordinator