Who is COSMO to tell US you can’t be a pro-life feminist??

If you were one of the many who reacted to our Facebook call-out to reach Cosmopolitan readers, I thank you for your activism and support.

If you haven’t read the insightful reactions by Feminists for Life members after Cosmo published an article that specifically referenced Feminists for Life and said that you cannot be both a feminist and pro-life, I highly recommend you check it out now.

Think about it: We need to reach Cosmo‘s young female readership who are fed the notion that women are measured by what they determine men want. (Well, some men who don’t respect women.)

How is that feminist? And who are they to decide that you can’t be a Feminist for Life? 


This is a wonderful opportunity for you to help us educate Cosmo and its readership and to welcome a whole new audience to the pro-life feminist movement. Leave a comment in support of our efforts on behalf of women and children most at risk, and quote your favorite feminist foremother! (You can find our archive of quotes here.)

As we continue our efforts this April, calling attention to Sexual Assault Awareness Month on our Facebook page and traveling to events across the country, I hope you will like our page and share our posts with your family and friends. 

Abortion is a form of violence and exploitation. Violence and exploitation can drive women to abortion

It’s a circle of abuse that we are determined to break.

Thank you for helping us correct the record — and for your support as together, we stand up for women and children, born and unborn.

Because women deserve better,


Serrin M. Foster




PS We will never trade one form of violence for another. Please consider a new or increased monthly or single gift to Feminists for Life as we continue to stand consistently for women, for life — with support from good guys who realize “women deserve better than abortion.”