What moms could really use this Mother’s Day!

If you are struggling to think about giving your mom, a person who has been like a mother to you, a daughter who is now expecting or a mom herself, consider giving–or renewing–an FFL gift membership.

Let’s face it. Flowers last only so long, but when your mom gets her FFL welcome gift packet and every new issue this year, she will be reminded of how much you appreciate the gift of life she gave you.

Or you could give a gift in tribute or in memory of your mother. Supporting FFL will ensure we have the resources to help more mothers and their children.

kids-on-a-shoestringAlternatively, you could give a gift pack of five “Raising Kids on a Shoestring” magazines to a pregnancy resource center. FFL’s national directory of free and frugal resources and creative solutions from pregnancy through childhood has been heralded as a must-have for counselors who serve women and their unborn babies who are the most vulnerable. FFL will be sure to include a message that this gift was from you!

On a personal note I am grateful that my mom, who suffered a heart attack on April 3, the day before my 20th anniversary at FFL, continues to recover. I deeply appreciate your many expressions of support for her as well as gifts to FFL for my anniversary. My mom, who also celebrated 20 years of volunteering for FFL, is improving daily. I look forward to thanking each of you personally for your anniversary gifts. I also want you to know that it is my mom who helps me gets every acknowledgement stuffed, stamped and sealed. She often comments on the sacrifice that each of you make for FFL and our important work. We look forward to her resuming to her volunteer work later this week!

But we promise that we will get out every new member kit ordered by noon eastern time on Wednesday. (If you miss the deadline, please tell your gift recipient yourself and to expect her gift in the near future.)

Feminists for Life wishes every mother a happy Mother’s Day and birthmother a wonderful day this Saturday, which is Birthmother’s Day, and thanks them for the ultimate gift of life.

Because women deserve better,

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Serrin M. Foster