Victory for Pregnant Students


Feminists for Life’s strategic efforts and long term goals are bearing more fruit. Now we have another Tool for Schools! The Department of Education has come out with a definitive document to end the discrimination against pregnant students!

They outline what is — and is not — permitted. They say what they must do — and what they must not!

But only Feminists for Life has a 19-year-old track record to help administrators solve the challenges students, administrators, and faculty all face.

We are in this together. FFL’s non-combative, solution-oriented approach has positively changed campuses across the country and energized class after class of pro-woman, pro-life activists.

I need your help ASAP in two significant ways:

• We need to get FFL’s Tools for Schools to as many campuses as possible — including the directives from HHS. So I need your gift as we prepare NOW for the school year ahead. This is the time we prepare all our materials. We can’t do this without people like you who are committed to helping women get the resources and support to make the difference of a lifetime!

• If you are alumnae or parent of a student, I need you to contact your college or university and let them know that Feminists for Life is here to help them develop the resources and support on campus. They can also bring in an FFL Moderator to host an FFL Pregnancy Resource ForumSM. (See a sample letter below!)

• If you are a student, contact to pre-order your back-to-school kit and get information about FFL speakers and FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum moderators!

Because of smart, strategic, and generous people like you, Feminists for Life has been a trailblazer on campuses across the country advocating for pregnant women on campus — including birthmothers. And just as important, we advocate for parents and children after birth!

We have conveyed their needs and proposed our proven solutions to the highest levels of government.

Since 1997, we have been asking college and university administrators for written policies, for resources and support, to stop discrimination — including expelling pregnant students — and to communicate these resources online.

Without these essentials, most women feel they have no choice. Some drop out of school to face a lifetime of poverty. Very few choose adoption. The rest have abortions.

Just think, your gift and your action can make the difference forcing a woman to choose between terminating an education — or a pregnancy. Neither is good enough. We refuse to choose®!

Take a moment. Pat yourself on the back for helping to get us this far.

Thanks for giving now and acting now. Let’s look for the next VICTORY FOR WOMEN!

Because women deserve better,
Serrin M. Foster

P.S. We have gotten so far because of people like you who understood the unique role Feminists for Life has in both movements. We have an unparalleled record of accomplishments because of investors like you. Help us take it to the next level. A new class of first-year students is getting ready for school. You can make the difference between terminating an education or a pregnancy. Your choice.

Please make your gift and use the letter below to help advocate pro-woman, pro-parent, pro-birthparent solutions on campus! And please copy us on the email or letter!

Dear Administrator:

I am sure you are aware of the information about pregnancy discrimination recently issued by the Department of Education. []

As an alumnus/parent/student, I am concerned about the number of women who feel forced to choose between their education and their family.

I am also a supporter of Feminists for Life. They have a long track record of bringing students, administrators, and community leaders together by moderating FFL Pregnancy Resource ForumsSM. An FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum is a panel discussion of university administrators and community resource leaders. Pregnant women, parents, and birthparents are also invited to be a part of the panel or contribute as audience members. Led by an FFL moderator who takes an inventory of pregnancy and parenting resources on and off campus and shares solutions from other campuses, the Forum guides audience members and panelists to set goals and create a tailor-made plan for your university.

Numerous leading colleges and universities have used FFL’s Tools for Schools to:

• Establish policies

• Identify existing resources and support

• Agree upon goals for the next steps

• Communicate policies, resources, and support

I strongly encourage you to contact for their materials and to host an FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum in the coming school year.


cc: Feminists for Life of America