What about positions held by members which are outside your mission to systematically eliminate the reasons that drive women to abortion? Do your members walk in lockstep or is there a diversity of thought?

One of the great strengths of Feminists for Life since our founding in 1972 has been the diversity of supporters attracted to our focused mission: to advocate practical resources and holistic support which address the unmet needs of pregnant women, parents, and birthparents.

Within our body of supporters, which includes people of many races, creeds, and levels of economic status, are volunteers who have served FFL as speakers and representatives—sharing their own experiences and influence to further this critical mission. Feminists for Life members and supporters hold to a broad spectrum of opinions regarding preconception and many other issues which are outside the scope of FFL’s own mission.

As a nonpartisan, nonsectarian organization, FFL has not attempted to control their beliefs, convictions or feelings about issues which are outside the scope of our mission. It is not our place as an organization to take positions on issues unrelated to our mission, nor to regulate the thoughts or speech of those who are numbered among our members and supporters who choose to express themselves as individuals on a particular issue.

The very fact that FFL supporters and speakers, as diverse a group as they are, can agree on our primary mission is itself a strong endorsement of its validity. FFL welcomes any and all who are committed to working alongside us in our shared mission to effectively put tangible resources to work and ensure that “Women Deserve Better®” is more than just a catchy phrase; it means women deserve practical resources and holistic support. We invite you to join us as we educate, energize, and empower the women we serve. Check out our significant accomplishments.