Does Feminists for Life want to criminalize women for having abortions?

The early feminists enacted laws against abortion as consumer protection for women. FFL has never advocated prosecuting women seeking abortion, although we believe that women are capable of following the law. Why doesn’t the law hold accountable those who threaten or coerce a woman into an abortion by withholding financial resources and emotional support?

Abandonment is a powerful form of coercion. We should criminalize anyone who withholds child support, fires a woman from her job because she is pregnant, refuses to accommodate her pregnancy, expels her from school, or threatens violence—any act that forces her to choose between sacrificing her child and sacrificing her education, career plans, or safety from violence. We believe that we should hold responsible those who profit from women’s pain—especially the abortion industry.

Most importantly, we need to jump into hyperdrive to provide resources and solutions that will support women.