They say they want to change the world…

Students want to change the world. We asked them: Why wait?

Consider for a moment the climate on campus. We need to support EVERY pro-life student group that has the courage to stand for mothers and children.

Feminists for Life is here for them now. To start, we are offering them our FREE “Grow Your Group” kit—proven to grow yours, too!

We also have terrific speakers who share powerful personal stories, who connect the dots between coerced abortion and sexual harassment, and who teach pro-life feminist history that we first researched and shared with the pro-life movement.

Students often come to protest our events, but unlike others, they end up agreeing with us and work with us to change the campus.

Isn’t this the definition of success and what we really want?

In fact, the school year has just begun and we already have sixbookings to lecture, moderate Pregnancy Resource Forums(SM), and speak at the largest student-run conference in the country. See below! (If you are also thinking of booking an event, don’t wait. Send your inquiry to

FFL is also the creator of the Pregnancy Resources Survey™ and Pregnancy Resource Forums.

Among our new Tools for Schools is our Recommendations for Best Practices by FFL President Serrin Foster. For the past 24 years, she has been the foremost expert leading the effort on pro-life feminist history and campus support—we have been sharing our expertise at the national, state, and campus level.

They want to change the world.

Please help students REFUSE TO CHOOSE® between women and children.

With your gift, we can help pregnant women on campus REFUSE TO CHOOSE between sacrificing their education and career plans and sacrificing their children.

Send a kit to campus: Your gift of $70 can get this to a student leader in need. How many kits can you sponsor?

As we lead up to the Centennial Celebration of the 19th Amendment, led by pro-life feminists, this is our best opportunity to reach feminists who aren’t pro-life so that they can appreciate what these amazing women did for us.

Best of all, together we can realize the unfulfilled vision of Susan B. Anthony and others who urged the movement to systematically eliminate the root causes that drive women to abortion. We know that students are at high risk of abortion,that women of color who are student moms are at highest risk to drop out of school to face a lifetime of poverty (including school debt), and we know students are the key to changing this.

We are here for them as they change the campus—and later change the nation and the world. We can help you problem-solve and effectively reach those who need to hear our feminist history the most, along with on-campus solutions.

Our goal is to offer EVERY pro-life collegiate group a free kit. Please help us make this happen. Thank you.

Because women deserve better,
Bethanie Ryan
College Outreach Program Coordinator
P.S. Your donation is tax-deductible. Please give generously to support a courageous pro-life group on campus right now.