The best Christmas gift — ever.

On Christmas Day, I received the best gift. And it was sent by you. But it didn’t start well.

You see, a desperate young college student had just told her mother she was pregnant. Her mother was absolutely furious. It was the worst possible reaction.

Her mother demanded the keys to the car and told her to find a new place to live. She would be on her own — including paying for her tuition.

Her mom (well, maybe you already guessed), had been pregnant at the same age, and she had an abortion. Now she demanded her daughter do the same — or else.

Thankfully, the student called my sister, who advised that she go to back to her mother, tell her mom that she understood her feelings, and tell her that she was sorry for her loss when she was her age, but that this child is her first grandchild.

During that call, my sister also remembered Feminists for Life’s website and directed her to the “LEARN” section.

So this student, who was so distraught during the call, was able to tell her mother that were lots of RESOURCES and SUPPORT, that she didn’t have to quit school — or have an abortion!

I credit my sister, who was the one who had built a good relationship mentoring her. She has wisdom to advise this young woman how to better communicate to her mother.

But my sister told me that “the clincher” was directing her to the “LEARN” section of Fear and hopelessness were replaced by hope and tangible help.

On top of that, I had moderated a Pregnancy and Parenting Resource ForumSM at her university, so she knew there was on-campus support (especially by pro-life students as well as administrators and the director of a local pregnancy resource center), or that she could transfer if she needs to be close to family.

She can graduate. She can have her baby. They have a future.

Of course, I have heard many many stories of women and men being converted to pro-life feminism over the years, and every one of them is affirming and exciting to hear.

And we know that has been helping about 5,000 expectant moms and dads, parents, and their caregivers. But this was the first time that I heard that a woman felt empowered to have her baby because of our work on the website and on campus.

Her baby will be born, and yes, there is a real possibility that there will be a dad in the picture!

While this woman carries a child, we carry her secret for now. She hasn’t told her classmates yet. But this spring semester, there will be a pregnant student on campus who won’t be alone. We are with her.

And as her child grows, the resources on our website and on campus will grow, too. Because as Feminists for Life we know that we care for them well after birth, not just before!

Hearing this on Christmas Day was incredibly special. As I cry joy-filled tears, I wanted to share this because you helped make this possible.

Because as we close out this year, I wanted to let you know that a young woman is now anticipating the birth of her firstborn in the new year — rather than dreading an abortion over the holidays. A little hand will curl around her mother’s finger. Newborn eyes will meet with a new mom’s.

Because I wanted to let you know that a mother who has been hurt by her abortion will now become a grandmother.

And because a boyfriend will become a man, a father. He will be called Dada, Daddy, Dad.

They have so much to look forward to!!

Congratulations are in order all around. Here’s to happy beginnings this new year. I raise a glass to you. L’chaim. To life.

Because women deserve better,
Serrin M. Foster
Feminists for Life of America