Dear Pro-Life Leader,

Thank you for your interest in hosting an FFL speaker. FFL's dynamic pro-woman, pro-life message of hope is essential to directing the abortion debate toward solutions and real choices for women in need.

FFL National Speakers

Our speakers and their usual topics are described below:

“The Feminist Case Against Abortion”
Serrin M. Foster, President of Feminists for Life

Ms. Foster’s landmark speech has been included in an anthology on Women’s Rights, one in a series entitled Great Speeches in History. Her presentation covers the differences on abortion between the early American feminists and the ‘70s women’s movement, and progressive, woman-centered solutions. This presentation has educated audiences and sparked dialogue on top campuses across the country and internationally including Oxford, Cambridge, and the University of Toronto. Ms. Foster has also made this presentation on Capitol Hill and the Parliament Buildings at Stormont, Northern Ireland.

Brief speaker bios are available.

When you are ready to schedule a lecture, please contact us at for access to our online Lecture Kit. FFL is happy to assist your efforts with step-by-step instructions, a preparation checklist, and technical assistance via phone and e-mail. Why reinvent the wheel when other groups have already learned how to host a successful event?

Event Budget

Groups often ask us to estimate the costs associated with hosting an FFL speaker. There are cases when student groups will be able to petition for honoraria but not for other lecture-related expenses, such as travel, accommodations, and educational and promotional materials. FFL offers one easy flat-rate fee for our national speakers, which includes all travel costs (including transportation to/from airport/train station), hotel accommodations, meals, gratuities, taxes, publicity costs (including the design costs of an 8.5"x11" speaker ad provided by FFL), and educational materials.

A general budget of $2000-5000 is suggested, depending on the speaker you book. For amounts specific to your school and speaker request, contact the College Outreach Coordinator at

Honorarium is due the day of the event. FFL's College Outreach Coordinator will provide an invoice the week of the event, sent to the primary contact(s) within the sponsoring organization. If paying the honorarium is a problem, the College Outreach Coordinator may choose to work with the student/sponsoring group to determine a practical alternative payment plan.


Most colleges and universities maintain a student activities account to help fund lectures and presentations. We recommend requesting funding from your university to help sponsor a speaker. You may also want to co-sponsor the lecture with another campus group to share costs. Local pro-life groups and churches often sponsor these events as well as individuals and alumni. We provide a sample fundraising letter in your lecture kit.


In addition to sponsoring the mandatory ad in the campus newspaper, the sponsoring organization should coordinate other promotional activities, including posters, e-mail, flyers, and press releases. A publicity packet full of creative ideas is provided in your lecture kit to assist you.

Again, thank you for your interest. If you have further questions or would like to schedule a presentation, please contact us at 703-836-3354 or We hope to hear from you soon.

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