Report of Roe v. Wade activities and upcoming events!


Feminists for Life’s Upcoming Events
You are personally invited to our upcoming events this spring at College of Wooster in Ohio, Providence College in Rhode Island, University of Tulane in New Orleans, Houston Coalition for Life banquet in Texas, University of Minnesota-St. Paul St. Louis University in Missouri, and Seattle University. See below for dates and links to details!We encourage you to forward this message to those you think would be interested in attending.We have even more events in the planning stages in Massachusetts, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Georgia, Minnesota, South Carolina, Florida, and California, so stay tuned to Facebookand our website for updates.If you are with a group that needs a strong and impactful speaker for a campus, conference, or benefit, or a moderator for an FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum on campus, please contact as soon as possible, especially if we can group events in an area for this spring, summer, or fall.
Report on Roe v. Wade Anniversary Events
VTFFL President Serrin Foster enjoyed meeting so many of you when she called for resources and support for pregnant women-including victims of rape-at the annual “Rally for Life” hosted by Vermont Right to Life at the Vermont State House. Did you see the reaction from the legislator that also works for Planned Parenthood? AP reported that she dismissed Serrin’s call for resources and support, saying, “In Vermont, we have great supports for women who find themselves pregnant.” Really? Is that why students at the University of Vermont, where Serrin spoke the day before, had only seen one woman on campus that was pregnant and had her baby? Perhaps that legislator missed the Guttmacher statistics that reveal women have abortions because they don’t have the resources they need, want, and deserve? That story went coast to coast. If you missed it, read it here:  and see the response posted by Vermont Right to Life! 

About 1,500 students from the St. Louis Youth Apostolate made the trip to DC for the Roe events. Serrin addressed the enthusiastic students who packed the massive ballroom about the twin movements of abolition and suffrage on the Martin Luther King anniversary. Jewels Green, who served as editor of the last three issues of FFL’s magazine, The American Feminist spoke the next night about her experience working in an abortion clinic.

group40filmSerrin and Sally went to the premiere of the 40 film. ( Serrin, Sally, and Jewels were each interviewed for the powerful film that reveals the spectrum of the movement. Also included are many women you have met through stories in The American Feminist, including Rebecca Kiessling who was conceived through rape, Kelsey Hazzard of Secular Pro-Life, and many more. Please contact the producers to bring this film to your campus, church, or community. Pictured here from left to right: Rebecca Kiessling, FFL VP Sally Winn, Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL) who co-chairs the US House of Representatives Pro-Life Caucus, director John Morales, FFL President Serrin Foster.

SFLAJHUFFL Vice President Sally Winn met students from across the country at the Cardinal O’Connor Conference at Georgetown and Students for Life of America’s National Conference in Maryland and their first West Coast Conference in San Francisco. She and the Chair of FFL Board Pat O’Kane were happy to meet people at the West Coast Walk for Life. Sally, shown below appears with students from John Hopkins University at the SFLA conference.

Associated Press, National Review Online, and many other news sources commented on our thousands of placards, which declared “Women Deserve Better than Abortion®” and “All People Are Equal. All Choices Are Not” at the Walk for Life West Coast. Sally reached a massive audience when she was interviewed by EWTN at the West Coast Walk for Life about FFL’s entrepreneurial efforts to address the needs of pregnant and parenting students and staff on campuses across the country.

Please join us at our upcoming events!
 Go to our Facebook page or website for details:
February 12th College of Wooster OH FFL Vice President Sally Winn
February 25th Providence College NH FFL President
Serrin Foser
March 11th Tulane LA FFL President
Serrin Foster
March 13th Houston Coalition for Life TX FFL President
Serrin Foster
March 25th University of Minnesota-St. Paul MN FFL Vice President Sally Winn
March 27th Saint Louis University PRF MO FFL Vice President Sally WInn
April 16th Boston University MA FFL Moderator
April 28th Seattle University WA FFL Speaker
Chaunie Brusie, RN
October 24th-25th Washington State Conference WA FFL President
Serrin Foster
We wish to thank our volunteers at all of these events-and donors who make our work possible and success probable!