Naomi Wolf Defends Feminists for Life

When a pro-choice feminist and a pro-life anti-feminist discuss Feminists for Life, guess who takes our side? The answer may surprise you (or not)! 

Author Naomi Wolf gave a glowing mention of FFL and our pro-woman, pro-life mission during her interview with conservative radio host Steven Crowder on Wednesday (skip to 2:20 to hear). In particular, Naomi plugs President Serrin Foster’s op-ed on her website, DailyClout, in which Serrin condemned efforts in the California legislature to fund abortifacients on college campuses and encouraged redirecting funding to parenting resources. Although Naomi and we still differ on abortion, she clearly shares much common ground with us and our mission to make a better world for women and children. 

If you are in California, please share Serrin’s op-ed, “Pregnant Students Deserve Resources and Support, Not a Bitter Pill,” and our report with your legislators. We do have a school-by-school listing, so we can be specific with your legislator.