What makes people rethink abortion, rethink feminism? We know…

“Metamorphosis”, a 36-page issue of The American Feminist®, gives insight into why people become pro-life feminists — after being one or neither. FFL President Serrin Foster explains why “individual evolutions can start peaceful revolutions” and provides practical tools to help welcome more people to our peaceful, holistic, solution-oriented movement. Serrin also reveals the stunning truth you need to know and share about attorney Sarah “Weddington’s Betrayal of Women” when she argued in support of Roe v. Wade before the Supreme Court. Stories from a dozen women will inform you about what triggered their conversions, including FFL’s own Vice President Sally Winn.

“Metamorphosis” is available for purchase individually or in bulk.

To read some of our stories, see below:

Aimee Murphy

Beatrice Fedor

Carla Stream

Ellen Judith Reich

Maria Gallagher

Marybeth Hagan

Rose Marie Jackson

Sally A. Winn

Sharon B. Long

Tricia Green