January 12, 2023

LAST CALL for (FREE) placards!

Roe may be gone, but we aren’t. And abortion is not over.

With key federal departments and half of the states embracing abortion, pregnant women and their unborn children continue be betrayed.

This month will once again mark pro-woman, pro-life demonstrations across the country, from Washington D.C., to San Francisco, to many places in between.

If you are hosting or planning to attend an event in the coming weeks, order your placards NOW so you can bring them with you to our nation’s capital or your local march or rally.

Thanks to a generous donor, organizers can receive 20 or 100 FREE placards simply by paying $30 for special packaging, shipping, and handling. They read “Women Deserve Better® than Abortion” and “Peace Begins in the Womb©” on the flip side. In return, we just ask that you provide us photos!

Once you have donated the cost, email us and let us know, and we can get your placards to you. (Individual “Women Deserve Better” placards are also available for purchase here.) Again, please order NOW, as we cannot afford rush shipping rates.

Finally, if you will be able to join me in D.C., FFL Board Vice Chair Pat O’Kane in San Francisco, or FFL Area Event Coordinator John Stanek in St. Paul, please let me know. We will be passing out placards, and we really need your help! Please check out the events below to see other rallies across the country.

Thank you so much for all that you do to work for a day when, in the words of the late FFL Vice President of Communications and Art Director Lisa Toscani: “No more children die. No more women cry.”


Because women — and girls — deserve better,

Damian J. Geminder
Director of Public Education & Editor
Feminists for Life of America