This is why I’m sickened — when we have to say “no”

Originally published October 3, 2012

I don’t like saying, “No, I can’t help you.” But almost every day we have student leaders coming to us asking FFL President Serrin Foster, Vice President Sally Winn, Joyce-McCauley-Benner, or other speakers to come to their campus. When pro-life student group budgets have been slashed, when FFL doesn’t have money to bring FFL speakers to campus — to cover the costs of travel, materials, staff to work with the future leaders — we have to say “no.” Imagine if more colleges had campus papers reporting a “full house” at the FFL lecture they hosted. Imagine what it is like for a pro-choice student to be invited into the lecture hall personally by FFL’s president, Serrin Foster. Imagine that the pro-life students warmly welcomed the pro-choice students for real dialogue. And imagine that they come together to work on pregnancy and parenting resources for student parents. We don’t have to simply imagine sharing our message that “Women Deserve Better.” We can make more events like Serrin’s first event happen on more campuses. Rather than telling students, “No, I’m sorry,” you can help us say “YES!”

• YES we can send them a kit to grow their group.

• YES we can send a speaker.

• YES we can send you-tailor made ads that spark discussion on campus.

• YES we can send an FFL moderator for a Pregnancy Resource ForumSM.

We still need $75 donations for student activist kits. And if you are in a position to send more, we can get more speakers to more campuses. Don’t have funds but plenty of frequent flyer points, hotel nights, or Amtrak guest rewards? You can donate tickets or hotel rooms and help offset costs! Imagine how many more students we can reach, how many more campuses we can transform. Imagine where they will go when they grow up, all they can do to change our world, how many women won’t feel driven to suffer through an abortion, and how many children will be with us — because of you. Help us. Let’s tell these students YES.


Because women deserve better,


Patrick A. O’Kane Chair of the Board