Hate speech is free speech that costs us all…

Every time we turn on the news, we hear one more insult that “tops” the last.

As Feminists for Life, you and I reject hate speech on either side, no matter if it is about gender, race, size, age, location, or religion — or any other excuse for discrimination. We can raise discourse rather than resorting to the lowest form of communication. We need a new competition to do the best for others, not saying the worst about others.

We abhor all dehumanizing language, no matter the target. Whether it is a vulgar anatomical term, downplaying sexual assault as “locker-room talk,” or using racial slurs, none of this is OK.

Women deserve better than to be reduced to sexist profanities.

All hate speech might be free speech, but it comes at a cost.

As one person says something that seems lower than the last, the divisiveness has reached an all-time high, which means our culture has descended to an all-time low. We all have a responsibility to respect everyone’s innate human dignity.

Feminists for Life encourages all to raise expectations when we talk to, not “at,” each other, and focus on meeting the needs of those who are most vulnerable in society. As for us, we are dedicated to systematically eliminating the reasons that drive women to abortion. But caring for people doesn’t stop at birth. We care for women after they have given birth and all babies after they are born.

Part of the idea that “women deserve better” means that they deserve the resources they need to make life-affirming decisions that benefit themselves and their families. If you know a woman in need, please direct her to WomenDeserveBetter.com.

And when you wish to persuade someone effectively, don’t undermine your point of view by insulting the very person or people you hope to convince.

But as humans, when we mess up and offend, perhaps in a moment of anger, let’s take that experience as teachable moment to take our own inventory and make amends. When on the receiving end, sincere apologies should be accepted.

Because women deserve better,




Serrin M. Foster