From the new FFL Chair of the Board

saktc_ffl_2I first found Feminists for Life when I was attending Harvard Business School. FFL President Serrin M. Foster was moderating an FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum(SM). The room was packed. And the Forum was covered by every paper on campus.

Now I serve as Chair of the FFL Board and my commitment over time has increased because I have seen the impact of our work for the most vulnerable.

“Back to school” means learning life lessons…

Right now, there is a woman on campus who has a secret inside her. She needs to know that there are solutions RIGHT NOW for her and her baby.

And student groups need to know that we have their back RIGHT AWAY. There is no time to waste reaching women who are pregnant on campus.

For a new generation entering school, Feminists for Life of America is equipping pro-life student groups with our FREE “Tools for Schools,” including FREE kits, a NEW Facebook group, powerful speakers, and FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum moderators to make campuses supportive to pregnant women, parents, and birthmothers.\

We invite student activists to email us with their request for FREE “Grow Your Group” kits — and much, much more.

And we urgently need sponsors to “Send a Kit to Campus” to every pro-life campus group that requests one. A gift of $100 means that we can send a kit filled with:

  • Our ORIGINAL PRO-LIFE RESEARCH to help you “Educate the Educator” and your peers on campus. (Also great for papers!)
  • Raising Kids on a Shoestring poster for distribution to counselors and all over campus.
  • “You Have Better Choices” brochures — ready for the students to add the name of the group and/or a local pregnancy resource center.
  • “Pro-Woman Answers to Pro-Choice Questions” to train leading activists and provide clear answer questions at tabling.
  • Bumper stickers that look equally great on a car or laptop!
  • Placards to dress information tables and ads for local bulletin boards.

NEW: Pro-life student groups are invited to join our Feminists for Life on Campus Facebook group!

We will share tools and stories with pro-life student groups as well as provide a uniquely pro-life feminist Forum to communicate with us and other pro-life student groups!

Our schedule for fall is filling up. Book (or sponsor) a Feminists for Life speaker today for your pro-woman, pro-life on-campus event — or pro-life conference or rally! 

  • FFL President Serrin M. Foster‘s ground-breaking speech, “The Feminist Case AgainstAbortion” has received international acclaim. The creator of the Women Deserve Better® campaign successfully argued at Yale that “Pro-life is Pro-Woman.”
  • FFL speaker Joyce McCauley-Benner shares her story of “Victory over Violence”! After finding herself pregnant after being raped, “I didn’t know who the father was, but I knew who the mother was.” Joyce has worked on a racial justice task force and against sex trafficking and today serves low income families.
  • FFL speaker Chaunie Brusie shares her story of an unexpected pregnancy in college. Appalled to learn that everything FFL said about the lack of resources for pregnant and parenting students was true, she worked to change her school and inspire other students to do the same. Today, the labor and delivery nurse is also an author, blogger, and mother of four.

Let’s make this year another turning point for the most vulnerable. With 66% of women who have abortions pursuing a postsecondary degree, our work is cut out for us.

Please make a tax-deductible donation today, whether it’s $100 for a kit or $1,000 or more to get a speaker or moderator to campus. (Costs are all-inclusive vary widely because of the size of the school as well as travel, materials, training, tailor-made ads, etc., all designed to ensure success.)

Trusting that our donors will come through again (THANK YOU!), student leaders are invited to order your FREE kit from and also inquire about speakers and FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum moderators.

I thank you in advance for making this year another to get closer to our ultimate goal — making abortion unthinkable. Connecting women to resources and support is vital!

Because women deserve better,

Nina Jurewicz
Chair of the Board

PS: Last year was filled with many victories for women, including Serrin’s historic win at the Yale Political Union debate which resolved “Pro-Life IS Pro-Woman.” Feminists for Life is uniquely able to reach students and professors and work with administrators. And we share our programs and materials we create with students groups for free at the national, state, and campus level. (Well, free to them, but not for us.)

We can do this because of the shared sacrifice of our supporters. Please give right now. Thank you.