FFL answers the tough questions

Originally published August 21, 2012

The latest headlines remind us that as pro-life feminists, we must be prepared to answer the toughest questions, including “What about rape?” “Should there be exceptions?,” and “What if a fetus is disabled?”

And as the school year begins anew, we need to equip our members and prepare the new generation of pro-life feminists to help us answer those questions, too. Facebook, Twitter — and great speakers, like FFL Vice President Sally Winn and Joyce McCauley Benner, help us answer the tough questions to a generation who has never known a day without legal and lethal abortion.

As pro-life feminists, we will never trade one form of violence for another.

I invite you to take a look at our Facebook page, where the hottest conversations are happening — and some conversions, like the young man who seemingly accepted abortions for unborn children who would face disability when born. He criticized pro-lifers with a heartfelt plea because people lacked resources and support. Many people — especially young people — just give up on life. But when he learned about Feminists for Life’s record of accomplishments and our “refuse to choose” philosophy, here is how he responded:

“I am glad that you are making these efforts to help people and that is definitely sorely needed, and missing from a lot of the public discussion on this. I do apologize for being ignorant of your message that includes everything I am concerned about. This message is, as your page says, very unique. But it is sorely needed if we are to build bridges between traditionally opposed sides.” Soon after I invited him to research resources and support for our National Directory of Campus Resources he added, “I am letting other people know about your organization and as time allows I will be doing more research!”

This is what distinguishes us from many other groups who fuel division instead of fostering love and support.

When someone asks a direct question, like, “What about the woman,” or, “What about fetuses who would be born disabled,” we give them a straight answer.

If you aren’t on Facebook, I invite you to join to get your daily feminist fix — fun feminist quotes, serious answers to the toughest questions, powerful stories, invitations to events, and yes, conversions from despair to volunteerism and support. It’s a really great way for you to help educate others.

You make our work possible. Thank you. There is so much hope and joy because you fuel our solutions — rather than division.

The tide is turning.

Because women deserve better,

 SMF sig

Serrin M. Foster

P.S. If you are planning an event during Respect Life or National Domestic Violence Awareness month (both in October), Adoption Awareness (November), Women’s History (March) or Sexual Assault Awareness (April) months, or for the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade (January), or Susan B. Anthony’s birthday (February 15) on your campus or at your convention, conference, or banquet, consider a pro-life message, but contact us soon! The school year is upon is. FFL speakers can help replace hopelessness with real feminist solutions through resources and support.