Crimes against — and by — women around the world

This July, we continue our Centennial Celebration with historic posts. In the tradition of the first wave feminists, we are also moving forward with more pro-woman, pro-life holistic solutions at Here’s a sneak peek:

In addition, we are sure you heard about the Supreme Court’s ruling earlier this week against the safety of women and their unborn children.

But what you may not have heard was the Court’s other, pro-woman ruling that same day: Rep. Chris Smith’s amendment to vital HIV/AIDS funding requiring foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to have policies explicitly opposing sex trafficking and prostitution was upheld.

We were also horrified at reports that China is committing what some are now calling genocide against Uighur women and other ethnic minorities, who are being threatened with internment for refusing to abort pregnancies that exceed birth quotas. To that end, we are heartened to report the adoption of a bipartisan amendment to the INVEST in America Act, which prohibits all funds made available under the bill from being used to enter into contracts with Chinese state-owned enterprises or Chinese companies responsible for constructing Uighur concentration camps.

In addition, our work against the exploitation of women and children continues. We are watching developments in the case of Ghislaine Maxwell, a close associate of Jeffrey Epstein and alleged trafficker of underage girls. We hope that there will be justice for all of Epstein and Maxwell’s victims.

Finally, on a lighter note:

FFL Speaker and human trafficking expert Joyce McCauley-Benner received her Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting from the Academy of Art University in 2013. We asked Joyce to review the popular miniseries Mrs. America and how it has impacted us today during our yearlong celebration of the 2020 Suffrage Centennial.

If you are interested in having Joyce present “Slaves Among Us: Sex Trafficking in the U.S.” or her personal story, “Victory Over Violence,” at your next in-person or virtual event, email us at

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