Applications welcome now!

“Interning with Feminists for Life gave me the opportunity to learn more about the intersection of pro-life and pro-woman issues. By researching things such as the resources for pregnant and parenting students on various campuses, I became more familiar with what schools were offering to their students and what they needed to offer them in order to allow their pregnant and parenting students to be successful. By writing articles and reports for them, I was able to take action to change some of these things. This internship allowed me to take part in a movement that is very dear to my heart.”
—Jillian Shea, Barnard College (below, farthest right)

FFL Thanks Our Summer 2018 Interns!

FFL is seeking fall and spring interns and volunteers now to help with our Roe v. Wade events, including the March for Life and Cardinal O’Connor Conference, the largest student-run pro-life conference in the country.

Telecommuting interns and volunteers work on projects like our websites— and—and College Outreach Program; research, write, and edit; and also plan events on their campuses. (No grabbing coffee for the boss and making copies or other boring stuff!)

Serious applicants for part-time or full-time volunteer positions should send a cover letter explaining why you are pro-woman and pro-life, include any work in the movement, and tell us about your skills. Send your résumé and a writing sample to Also, let us know if you are going to do this for school credit. (Following these directions are your first test!)

Because women deserve better,
Serrin M. Foster

P.S. Keep us in mind for summer as well! Our summer interns organize our annual Capitol Hill Intern Briefing and the Pro-Life Women’s Conference.

P.P.S. Between the extremes of the Antifa and anti-fem movements on campus, there are courageous students like former FFL intern Tatiana Federoff, who was instrumental in bringing me to Franciscan University of Steubenville. Watch as she leads a panel discussion to analyze the impact of FFL’s message and solutions on campus. Now is the time to contact to bring a pro-life feminist speaker to your campus (and get your FREE kit!).