ACT NOW: Support Survivors in Washington state and beyond…

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Here we go again.

This time, the Washington state attorney general has revealed that over 6,000 rape kits went into storage and NEVER came out to be tested. “This is so frustrating,” FFL President Serrin Foster said. “How many decades are we going to have to hear the same thing going on in states across the country? I can only imagine how the victims of the sexual assault felt after an invasive procedure went nowhere. What does this say about how important women and men who are survivors are in this country?

“Sympathy and understanding is appreciated by survivors like me, but it is simply not enough,” FFL Speaker and rape survivor Joyce McCauley-Benner said. “We don’t need more survivors. YOU can prevent more rapes by finding those who did it before. It is time for ACTION!”

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“While we share our utter exasperation, frustration, and outrage for these survivors, it is not enough! Ask yourself how much good it would do to make one call or send one email and help change your state, Washington D.C., or U.S. territory?” Foster asked.

Please, call your governor’s office and contact your state representative and senator or Assembly person, and urge them to act—NOW.

Tell them victims should not be forced to pay for their rape tests, and as taxpayers, we all expect that the kits be tested!

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