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Years ago when I was in college, I found myself pregnant and I was afraid I could not finish college and [would] ruin the rest of my life, the father was an abusive man, and my mother would forever judge me and smother my life if I had a child. Ten minutes after I found […]

Editor’s note: This story of despair and healing after abortion was written by a Rachel’s Vineyard retreat participant and is reprinted with permission from Rachel’s Vineyard. After making me lie down for 30 minutes, another nurse dismissed me. I tried to tell her how much pain I was in and what had happened. It was as if I had said nothing. Painfully […]

I was 20 years old when I made the choice to have an abortion. My boyfriend and I lived together, and he didn’t want our baby. He told me he wasn’t ready to have a family and asked if I would have an abortion. It was that moment I knew he didn’t really love me. I wasn’t strong […]