Send a Kit, Speaker or Pregnancy Resource Forum Moderator to Campus!

Every day that goes by another woman will suffer an abortion and another child will die. But you and I can reach her before she crosses the threshold of the clinic door, before she lays her body down, before that child is lost forever.

Student leaders are eager for FFL kits to help grow their group and reach abortion-minded women. They are already asking for speakers, FFL Pregnancy Resource ForumTM moderators and kits. In fact, we already have dozens of events in the works across the country now!

We urgently need to get Feminists for Life kits to every pro-woman, pro-life student group in the country-that’s about 700 groups!! Imagine their courage to speak out for life on campuses that all too often embrace abortion.

I am asking you to adopt at least one campus, one group, and envision one woman, one child in need.

The kits are free for student leaders, but they are not free to print or ship. (And just see what they get below!)

Because some generous donors have already underwritten some key pieces (thank you again!), the suggested donation for each kit is $75. For $300 we could equip activists in 4 schools, and $900 could supply a dozen campus groups!

How many kits can you sponsor to help reach the future leaders of America and those at highest risk of abortion right now?

You will never know how many abortions you will have prevented, but we do know that in the first decade of FFL’s College Outreach Program that abortion rates uniquely dropped among college-age women by an astonishing 30%.

Sponsorship of lectures and FFL Pregnancy Resource Forums range from $1,000-$3,000. The cost includes tailor-made promotional ads and press release, step-by-step directions, ongoing support and follow up to maximize impact, as well as airfare, hotel, meals for speakers and most importantly a HUGE box of materials for every student in attendance and placards for the stage. (Amounts vary by distance, size of campus, and lead time for reservations.)

That means you can help reach thousands of our future leaders and women at high risk of abortion and even transform a campus for generations to come.

Only through the sacrifice of our generous and visionary donors like you are we able to offer our materials, which are proven to help grow pro-life student groups. Our efforts are helping raise a generation who believes Women Deserve Better® than abortion and all children — including those in their mothers’ wombs — deserve life.

Abortion clinics are busy reaching out to prospective clients. We must do better. Please, adopt one or more pro-life student groups right now.

Because women–and all children–deserve better,

Serrin M. Foster


P.S. Pro-woman, pro-life student leaders should email for speaker information and FREE kits to grow your group and reach at-risk students now. (One per Students for Life group please.)

Thanks to those who sacrifice for women at high risk of abortion, Feminists for Life can reach tomorrow’s leaders with the following materials:

Pro-Woman Answers to Pro-Choice QuestionsSM (25 to  educate group members)
Use FFL’s tutorial to equip group members with common pro-woman answers to pro-choice questions. Hold a special meeting to train your officers and key members to be ready when the inevitable questions of rape, a woman’s right to choose, and the health of the mother come up. Give this magazine out at an early meeting to keep them coming back for more!

Promotional materials for Women Deserve Better                                                                                                                                                   FFL’s national resource guide is filled with free and frugal resources, smart and creative solutions, and practical support for pregnant women, expectant fathers, and parents. Show this guide to your group’s advisor and discuss how you can distribute it to those who need it most. . Take a copy to your health center director and ask that the online version be posted to the campus health center’s website. Help women with the “rest of the choices” before and after birth. You’re also invited to post a link to your own group’s website!

COP-signCollege Outreach Program B&W Ad Slicks (set of 10)
Make copies of FFL’s provocative ads and post them around campus. Highlight a new ad every month, or follow along with Feminists for Life’s ad of the month on our year-round student calendar. These and many of Feminists for Life’s ads are available online for FREE to download, print, and post. “Flyer” your school in the middle of the night, like Boston College’s “Midnight Riders,” or come up with your own unique idea. Find all of our ads at . (We also have large posters available for displays!)

“You Have Better Choices” Brochure (100 for tabling and helping women now!)
FFL’s brochure is packed with information on national resources and services, such as counseling, medical care, and paternal support, to assist those facing unplanned pregnancies. This brochure highlights all the choices available to women and explains the mission of Feminists for Life. The back of the brochure even includes space for information about your group and/or local pregnancy assistance. Place this life-changing brochure around campus, in women’s restrooms, and in your campus Health Center. Give copies to your dorm RA’s, to religious campus leaders, and to counselors.

“Voices of Our Feminist Foremothers” Brochure (100 for tabling)
This brochure is filled with powerful pro-life quotes from the early American feminists. It’s a great tool for tabling; it proves that you can be a feminist and pro-life!

“Abortion: Every woman’s right? A fundamental freedom?” Brochure (100 to reach those at high risk and change the culture!)

FFL’s awesome brochure features clear-cut talking points that can help you articulate your pro-woman, pro-life views more succinctly.

“Women Deserve Better® than Abortion” & “Pro-Woman, Pro-Life” Bumper  Stickers (25 each)

Whether you have a car or not, these bumper stickers will show that you support women and their children! Slap one on your laptop, white board, door, fridge…you get the idea!

Student leaders and event coordinators should contact for materials, speakers and FFL Pregnancy Resource Forum moderators!

 If you are not a student leader and wish to order these materials, please go to and shop our Covetable Stuff. Many items can be downloaded for free.

All membership contributions and donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Thank you!

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