Rally for ResourcesSM

“Learning about the lack of resources was eye-opening. It is amazing what a difference proper resources can make in a woman’s life.”

—Kelly Perkins, member of XU Students for Life, Xavier University, OH

Student groups looking for a low-cost, high-impact event to host this year need look no further — hosting a Feminists for Life Rally for Resources is a great and affordable way to promote real support for pregnant and parenting students on campus!


Feminists for Life created this unique event to draw attention to the lack of practical resources and support that often drives young women to seek abortion or drop out of school. At an FFL Rally for Resources, students gather in a central place on campus, talk with students about the need for pregnant and parenting resources, and gain their support in petitioning the school to improve upon existing resources.


If the school’s state is awarded a grant from the newly created Pregnancy Assistance Fund (see page 4), FFL can also help students create a petition urging their school to utilize grant money to implement services and programs for pregnant and parenting students. Even students whose states who have not been awarded grant money or have not yet applied for funding can use Feminists for Life’s Rally for Resources to promote awareness on campus about the need for resources and support.


“Our rally went well; we got many signatures, put the issue out there for discussion, and educated people through pamphlets and conversation. Our group spent the day making students aware of the issue we were petitioning for and actively seeking out students to sign our petition for more resources for pregnant and parenting students on campus,” said Kaitlin Dery, a student at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. “While it was not the typical rally where people get up and speak, I think it was extremely effective…. We gathered much support and gave out information to all who would give us a minute. The pro-life and pro-choice groups on campus… have arranged to co-host a forum on something we both agree upon: getting more resources on campus for pregnant and parenting students.”


FFL’s Rally for Resources can be customized to suit student organizations of all sizes. For smaller groups just starting out, a rally is a simple yet effective way to raise awareness and attract new members, all while encouraging actual change on campus. More established groups may take the opportunity to turn their rally into a larger event, such as a petition drive, pregnancy resources fair, or even a spa and relaxation day for student parents — FFL encourages student groups to get creative!


Feminists for Life College Outreach Program Coordinator Chaunie Brusie, who hosted FFL’s first-ever Rally for Resources, will help student groups every step of the way in planning their event — from providing ideas to get started and shipping free materials to help host the rally, to granting access to online support with FFL’s web-based Rally for Resources planning guide. All student groups can feel confident that their rallies will make a real difference for pregnant and parenting students on their campus.


“The Feminists for Life rally kit was an awesome supplement for Life Week,” said another member of Xavier University Students for Life. “It was both disappointing and motivating to hear so many students say, ‘I have a friend that was forced to choose between her education and her child.’ The FFL materials and brochures helped to identify areas in which our university and its resources need change.”


Student activists are encouraged to email coordinator@ffloncampus.org to plan a Rally for Resources today.