This groundbreaking victory has been years in the making—17 years!

1994 – Seventeen years after FFL President Serrin M. Foster began presenting her speech “The Feminist Case Against Abortion” and established FFL’s highly successful College Outreach Program,

1995 – Sixteen years after FFL’s ad campaign first asked students to Question Abortion®,

1996 – Fifteen years after sending kits to 650 college and university health clinics to inform women about “the rest of the choices,”

1997 – Fourteen years after Serrin moderated FFL’s first Pregnancy Resource ForumSM at Georgetown University,

2000 – Eleven years after Serrin’s speech to women legislators inspired model pregnancy resources legislation in Michigan,

2005 – Six years after Michigan’s Pregnant and Parenting Student Services Act was signed into law,

2006 – Five years after FFL’s Elizabeth Cady Stanton Pregnant and Parenting Student Services Act was introduced in Congress:

“To establish a pilot program to provide grants to encourage eligible institutions of higher education to establish and operate pregnant and parenting student services offices for pregnant students, parenting students, prospective parenting students who are anticipating a birth or adoption, and students who are placing or have placed a child for adoption”

2008 – Three years after FFL initiated the first Rally for ResourcesSM petition and pregnancy fair on campus and released a groundbreaking nationwide study documenting college students’ lack of knowledge about pregnancy and parenting resources on their campuses and where to go for help,

2010 – The same year FFL developed our “Raising Kids on a Shoestring” resource guide filled with free, frugal, and creative solutions for pregnant women, expectant fathers, birthparents, and parents,

2011 – Our vision of on-campus resource centers for pregnant and parenting students is about to become reality through the Pregnancy Assistance Fund!